"Hello - welcome to WSM Recordings!

I'm here to give you a guided tour of our corporate headquarters!"




"The recording studio is the hub of all the action.

This is where all the million-selling hits are honed to perfection!"




"Our Audiotechnical R&D Development is where we come up with all those weird sounds."




"We have a hi-tech production plant that churns out CDs at a rate of about 3 or 4 a day."




"Our distribution fleet is on hand to get all our CDs to market."




"The Art Department designs those avant-garde CD covers that the critics love."




"And we have a Transcription Department, where off-key sheet music

 is generated for our subsidiary, Cement Boots Publishing."




"The Cement Boots Publishing debt collection team makes sure that no royalties are left unpaid."




"And our Style Consultants make sure our acts

 have that cutting-edge fashionista look."




"But don't go thinking that it's all work work work here at WSM Recordings..."




"We have a crèche that is the envy of many companies."




"And our employees can always take time out to relax in our convivial cafeteria."




"Where they delight in the scrumptious taste of our award-winning sausages."




"You know, sometimes I get overwhelmed with pride at having the opportunity

 to work with such a wonderful team of people."




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