Music Writing 2013

by W.S. McCallum






Los Hermanos, Delaney Davidson,

and the Swampton Creeps

at Space Monster



24 January 2013




Los Hermanos (W.S. McCallum)



Space Monster’s first show of the year presented a quite varied yet homogeneous bill of fare that started well after 10 pm with a duo from Munich called Los Hermanos. They entertained a moderate-sized audience due to holiday season absences which was at turns enthralled and surprised by the duo’s novel arrangements and precision playing.


Los Hermanos have an approach involving taking turns playing guitar and percussion, with the roles changing from one song to the next. Their sound draws on country and 50s rock’n’roll as well as indy rock from the 70s and 80s. Their closing song in particular was a weird fusion of the intro to Trio’s hit “Da Da Da” and throwbacks to an earlier era, strung together with repeated chants and a hypnotically uniform rhythm.



Delaney Davidson (W.S. McCallum)


Delaney Davidson provided the linchpin for the proceedings that evening, both through having organised the tour and offering the central focus for the show. He played a masterful set of songs permeated with the feel of old-time country blues and murder ballads.



Swampton Creeps (W.S. McCallum)


The audience had noticeably thinned by the time the Swampton Creeps cranked into action just after midnight; one of the hazards of a late start on a week night. Boss Christ and his sidekicks repaid the effort made by those who stayed though, providing heartfelt renditions of their country-influenced repertoire.



© W.S. McCallum 26 January 2013






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