Does the Big Day Out!




"So why won't any of you security ladies body-search me?"




"Whoo-hoo! I'm in! The Big Day Out - Auckland's biggest party of the year!"




"Of course, if you don't have the money for a ticket you could always climb over the fence,

but I couldn't possibly endorse such unorthodox behaviour!"





"One of the peculiarities of the Big Day Out is that they have these concentration camp enclosures for all the drinkers!"





"These two guys are either working off some beer-fueled aggression or they're enjoying a homo-erotic frenzy of passion - I'm not quite sure which..."





"One of the joys of the Big Day Out for the ladies is that they get to see hot young men exposing their underpants!"





"And another delight is the food..."





"Excuse me a moment..."





"Fortunately, if you can't keep the Big Day Out's culinary delights down,

there are plenty of large bins around the place."





"Just make sure you don't pick a recycling bin, or some bottle collector will be in for a nasty surprise!"





"The silent disco is a great place to pick up chicks!"





"As is the spray tunnel, which gives a hunky guy like me the chance to show off his glistening pecs!"





"What a great place to meet women!"





"All sorts of women, from glamorous fashion plates...."





"... right through to...?!?"





"Oh man, I've got to stop drinking, it's impairing my judgement!"




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