He's a Horse...

and a Man


STOP PRESS: HORSE MAN gets irate with the bbc



"Helping you get your shit together!"





"Down here at the Stud Farm, it's not all just easy living."



"Sure, I like a Brazilian beer as much as the next bloke."



"Hell, I've even been known to crack open two or three!"



"As the saying goes, when you've got an itch, you just have to scratch it..."



"But that doesn't mean I'm a brainless advocate of unbridled hedonism."



"My philosophy is that us young single studs have to keep it together."



"Which is why I'm gonna be here FOR YOU with some helpful advice

to get you stallions through the arduous task

of maintaining that swinging bachelor lifestyle."


LESSON 1 - How To Make A Bed Fit To Lay In

LESSON 2 - Grooming For That Hot Date

LESSON 3 - Hot Reading Tips

LESSON 4 - Keeping Clean With Horse Man

LESSON 5 - Pet Care Tips

LESSON 6 - Doing That Laundry Thing

LESSON 7 - Gardening For Bachelors

LESSON 8 - Pest Control For Bachelors

LESSON 9 - More Pest Control For Bachelors

LESSON 10 - Getting Intimate On The Couch

LESSON 11 - The Couch Gets Hotter

LESSON 12 - All About Tee-Shirts

LESSON 13 - Waterblasting with Horse Man

LESSON 14 - Bush Control with Horse Man!

LESSSON 15 - Horse Man at the Tiki Bar!

LESSON 16 - Getting Hot in the Hot Tub!

LESSON 17 - Getting Hotter in the Hot Tub!










PART 1 - Horse Man Does Australia


PART 2 - Horse Man Does The North Island (of New Zealand)!


PART 3 - Horse Man Does San Francisco!


PART 4 - Horse Man Does Slovenia!




PART 5 - Horse Man Does Austria!




PART 7 - Horse Man Does The Big Day Out!




PART 8 - Horse Man Does Cool!




PART 9 - Horse Man Does Vegas!










The Arrival of Horse Man On Web Cam!

HORSE MAN CAM 1 - Introducing Cool!

HORSE MAN CAM 2 - A Raunchy Magazine!

HORSE MAN CAM 3 - Horse Man Denies Rumours!

("I know I have talent too - I was born with it, and it just oozes out of me!" - Beyoncé)

HORSE MAN CAM 4 - What To Get Your Man...

HORSE MAN CAM 5 - Calling Planet Horse!

HORSE MAN CAM 6 - 100% Terrestrial!





He's a Horse...

and a Man


"Stallions are the only truly all-male mammals on the planet. Unlike males of other species, equines do not have any female characteristics such as nipples; they are entirely male and driven purely by testosterone."

Simone Frewin, in Organic Horse, August 2007




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