with Horse Man




"The first thing you need to know about waterblasting is that you have to have the right gear. Now I may look fabulous, but this isn't what you want to wear!"




"Waterblasting requires heavy-duty gear - a waterproof coat and safety goggles.

The sexy tee-shirt is optional!"




"Now the first thing you need when waterblasting is a surface.

And a waterblaster of course!"




"You may notice a waterblaster is of no use without water..."




"So first you've got to plug in the hose!"




"Then you turn the water on."




"And then, more often than not, the hose pops out

 and you have to reconnect the sucker!"




"Careful control is required during this tricky operation!"




"And once you've got that under control, you need power."




"Make sure you have your power source well away from the area where you are spraying."




"And keep the extension cable out of the way too."




"Now we're ready to start blasting!"





"Not exactly an overwhelming rush of water."




"It does of course help if the barrel doesn't fall off."




"That's better!"








"Firm footing is required while waterblasting..."




" waterblasters have a healthy recoil!"




"And two hands ensure better directional control..."




"That damned hose has come loose again!"




"I'll get there..."








"However don't forget to switch the power off before you drench the waterblaster with the loose hose

or you will probably electrocute yourself."




"Waterblasting - absolutely nothing to it!"



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