Keeping Clean

with Horse Man




"So you've got house guests of the feminine persuasion coming round?

 It's time to get cleaning pal!"




"Spotless rugs are paramount, particularly if you're planning a toga party.

Nothing ruins a Roman orgy worse than getting carpet fluff stuck in embarassing places!"




"Be sure to brush under furniture and scoop up any stray slut's wool*."


* "Slut's wool: fluff, dust, etc., left to accumulate under beds etc. through slovenly cleaning." The New Oxford Shorter English Dictionary.



"It doesn't hurt to do the dishes before they come around either..."




"Just remember - a dirty wine corkscrew is just plain unhygienic!"



"And there's nothing worse than running out of clean glasses in the middle of a drinking binge."



"Make sure you have a spotless oven

- women tend to equate a dirty oven with a dirty mind."



"Always clean right around the toilet rim too

 - nothing puts off female guests worse than those stray sticky pubic hairs."




"A clean toilet is the measure of a man."



"And don't forget to clean around your own rim once you're done doing your business!"





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