Does Vegas!




"Where heavy drinking leads to consequences!"




"Oh my head! Where am I?"




"That's how you usually start your day in Vegas - the town where reckless excess is normal!"




"Vegas is one of the last places on Earth where guys like me can still do our thing!"





"So you might end up in jail? No problem!

So you might wake up next to some drunk chick wearing a wedding dress

and wonder what happened last night? No problem!"





"They even have bail bondsmen for guys like me!"




"What I like about Vegas is its sense of taste and refinement!"




"And the fact it's such a family-friendly place!"




"Here is Las Vegas's very first casino - The Golden Gate, established in 1906!"




"Another landmark is the Atomic Bar,

where the Rat Pack used to hang out after shows in the late 1950s.




"You used to have to buzz to be let in.

The joint got its name from the fact that when the US military were doing their nuclear tests in Nevada,

the bar's clientele used to stand on the roof to watch the blasts!




"If you want to find out about all that nuclear stuff, this is the place to go..."




"But you have to leave your own toxic waste at the door."




"What they don't mention at that museum

is all the hideous mutants that resulted from the nuclear fall-out."




"Shunned by the locals,

many of them are reduced to begging in the streets."




"El Cortez Hotel and Casino was opened by the gangster Bugsy Siegel in 1946!"




"And even today, if you love crime, to see cops and baddies in action

all you have to do is wander the streets !"




"My favourite casino is Circus Circus!"




"Where I can horse around in the Horse-Around Bar,

just like Hunter S. Thompson did!"




"But undoubtedly the coolest spot in Vegas is Frankie's Tiki Room!"




"That's Frankie - he went missing in Papua New Guinea in 1973.

His last known sighting involved a garbled report about his head being impaled on a spear!"




"I wonder what my secret vice is?"




"Bad television?!?"




"After a few of these delicious drinks, things start getting a bit wobbly!"




"And the next thing you know,

staying upright just becomes too much of an effort!"




"And in the morning, you find yourself

in the exact same position you were in the day before!"




"Vegas - I love this place!

I think I'm going to spend the rest of my days here!"




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