Bush Control

with Horse Man




"If you're like me, then living the high life doesn't leave a lot of free time for bush control, but it's one of those things that need to be done on a regular basis!"




"So you've left it for months or even years? Well then shears or clippers aren't going to cut it."




"Even slashers and other heavy manual implements of destruction just aren't good enough."




"Well then, it's time to get out the line trimmer!"




"First, make sure that the plastic cord is securely coiled!"




"This finely-tuned cutting device, designed in Europe and manufactured in China,

is guaranteed to cut a swathe through any dense Antipodean bush!"




"It'll only be a matter of seconds before all this vegetation

is reduced to shredded plant matter!"




"Oh no, the coil has unwound!"




"I'm losing control!"





"Oh the humanity!"





"You again!"





"Whenever there's trouble - you show up!"




"Come back here!"




"Damned fencing wire!"




"Foiled again!"




"And this is why I never seem to get the bush under control around my place

- but don't let that stop you!"





He's a Horse...

and a Man


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