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With the arrival of the World Wide Web, no longer do individuals require either a publisher to disseminate their writing, or a printing firm to print and bind it on chemically-treated and processed pulp from trees (an ever-diminishing global resource). The barriers to personal expression have come crashing down.


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Music Writing 2016


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Venetic's Big Day Out 2006


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Great Psychedelic Albums



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Tiki Tours



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The TEAL/Air New Zealand Tiki Tour


The Flying Tiki Tour: Tiki Nose Art in World War II


Rarotonga Tiki Tour


Tahiti Tiki Tour


Paris Tiki Tour


Vanuatu Tiki Tour


California Tiki Tour


Wanganui Tiki Tour


Palmerston North Tiki Tour



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Hobby Stuff




Vietnam War Models


Operation Biho-6, 30 January 1966


Operation Masher, 28 February 1966


Operation Bathurst, 25 October 1966


Sniper Alley: Cholon, 1st February 1968


Clearance of Southern Hue, 1st February 1968


Attack on Nhi Ha, 4 May 1968


Encounter at Thin Tân, 13 September 1968


The Battle of Binh Ba, 6 June 1969


Operation Hermit Park, 21 June 1971


Dawn Assault, An Loc, 11 May 1972






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Short Pieces






The Language Business


Rue Eluard


One Friday


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French South Pacific Policy 1981-1996


"Caldochie" - A State of Mind?


French Defence Policy


New Caledonian Politics


French Relations in the South Pacific


South Pacific Politics


New Zealand Student Politics 1980s-1990s


Other Writing


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