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EGYPT, 1916

      by Captain John Gordon McCallum, I.C.C.

W.S. McCallum 2006




"Camp at Anzac Loop. Horses water in troughs."                                   "Village on a canal near Salhia."



"An open countenance. Photo taken at Cairo Zoo."                                   "A smart turn out in Port Said. Note the sun bonnets on the horses."


"A Mohammedan funeral. First comes a boy chanting the Koran,

then six blind men, then the chief mourners, then the bier

which has an upright post at the head of which is placed the head gear

 of the deceased. In this case it is a tarboosh signifying that he is a young man."


"The funeral (rear view). The bier can still be seen."


"A street scene in Alexandria. Mohammedan women in a procession.

They always dress in black and keep their heads covered."



"The N.Z. Canteen at Tel el Kebir run by Miss Ettie Rout

 of Chch and some N.Z. ladies. It is a great success."


      "The piazza of the Grand Continental where we often go for tea."



The Funeral of the Mother of the Sultan of Egypt

"The head of the procession."


"The body guard of the Sultan and the coffin covered in a tapestry."


"Egyptian cavalry."




"Mohammedan banners of the different sects."



Captain John Gordon McCallum, Imperial Camel Corps, and Mustapha, in Heliopolis.


                 Captain J.G. McCallum, commanding officer of the 15th Company, 4th NZ Battalion, Imperial Camel Corps, December 1916.

Continued:    Sinai




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