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W.S. McCallum


If any groups out there would like prints or high-resolution electronic copies of these photos, they can be provided for a modest fee.

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A Machine


Bad Evil


Barons of Tang


The Bats


The Beat


Billy's Gospel


Birchville Cat Motel


Body 125




Boss Christ


The Builders & The Butchers


The Buzzcocks


Castlecliff Lights




Cobra Khan


Cougar Cougar Cougar


Cut Off Your Hands


DAT Politics


Delaney Davidson


The Death Rays




The Dont's


Double Ya D


The Drab Doo-Riffs




The Eversons


Eyeless In Gaza (NZ)


Faster Pussycat Kill Kill


The Fault




Fighting The Shakes


Finn Riggins


Patrik Fitzgerald


Flip Grater


French Miami




Gift Of Ruin




Glass Museum


God Bows To Math


Golden Axe


Hawnay Troof


The Hi-Fives


High Places


Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3


Improv Noise Band


Knife Fight




The Lewd


Lord Bishop


Los Hories


The Magic Numbers


The Managers


The Matching Suits


Messer Chups


Mile End


Mount Pleasant


Must Have No Magic


Nazi Disco & Boltmaster


Orchestra of Spheres




The Postures


Princess Chelsea


The Raskolnikovs


Reptilian Future Cops


The Rock And Roll Adventure Kids


Royal Wolf


Sets Of 57


The Shake Up


Shaking Luke Wood & El Ritmo Muerte


 Slim Chants


The Sneaks


Solo Ono


So So Modern


The Sprains


The Stooges


Swearing At Motorists


Tape Men


Teen Hygiene


Telepathic Kitty


This City Sunrise


Thought Creature


Voodoo Savage & His Savages




The Wrongdoings


Ellen Young & The Band With No Name




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